Space() in VB Strings Class and its Equivalent in C#


The Below code Demonstrates the use of the Space() function in the Microsoft.VisualBasic.Strings Class

Dim Test As String  ' Returns a string with 10 spaces.
TestString = Space(10)
' Inserts 10 spaces between two strings.
TestString = "Hello" & Space(10) & "World"

So Using this function maynot be supported in certain cases so here is an equivalent that can be used in c#

string s = “Test”;

s = s.PadLeft(2, ” “); // adds leading 2 space

s=”  Test”;

s = s.PadRight(2, ” “); // Toadd spaces to the Right

s=”Test  “

Is s=””;

It becomes “  “

insert the space in the position you want to .


Enjoy Coding.


Windows 8.1 Preview

A preview for the windows 8.1 a update for all windows 8 users is officially released from Microsoft

You can download it here

It is a preview and install at your own risk Microsoft recommends to backup your windows 8 before you update so that you can rollback anytime.

If you are running windows Enterprise its not available yet you will have to wait.

Wait for the final release if you cant wait to get your hands on what are you waiting for ??

Naming App Groups in Windows 8


As you can see I have named various groups like Navi , Apps , Dev , Desktop and so on so how did I do it ??

Step 1: click windows key to bring up the app screen

Step 2: press ctrl and mouse wheel down or ctrl + shift + – key on key board .

          This is actually called semantic zoom where you can see a complete view of what you have .now rght click to bring up a bar from the bottom click on name group to name the group .

Not its simple as that and done .

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Microsoft Writer To Write a Blog

I am writing this blog from Microsoft Writer.



Download the software from

Install and happy blogging connects to most of the well known blogs.


Those who are frustrated about loggin In to the blog through browser and updating your blog here is all you need .

Features I found Interesting


1) saving is as good as in Microsoft work

2) Live preview on how your blog will look like

3) Add media from the app itself

4) Add tags , category , publish date from the application itself

Hope you enjoyed my blog and also enjoy blogging .

Searching In Any APP

This post shows hot to search any relevant info from the app say I am in the store and I want to search for a particular app say “To Do Today” which is one of the best apps in store and I am not able to find it. I will also not be able to find the search bar in windows 8 apps mostly .

search for apps

search for apps

Step 1 : I bring on the charms bar by pressing Windows key + c

Step 2: Click on search

Step 3: In search type To Do Today

Step 4: That brings you the results as below .Enjoy windows 8 apps.



search todotoday

search todotoday

Hope you Enjoyed Reading .

Searching In Windows 8

Suppose I have an application or app installed say paint many may feel like in windows 7 I type the search keyword “paint” in the start menu and in windows 8 I have to search the application. Here is a thing not many know.

Click on the Windows button and you get a screen as follows

windows 8

searching in windows 8

Then Start typing the app name “paint” on the keyboard without  doing anything after . yes you can type the name of the app in the keyboard after you press the start menu and Windows 8 starts searching for u .

searching in windows 8

searching in windows 8


Hope you enjoyed Reading .


Enable / Disable Test Mode in Windows 8

Water mark in Windows 8

Step 1: Open command Prompt as administrator

Step 2 : Use the following

bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF (to disable and ON to enable) + Enter

Step 3 : Restart and you are Done

So why do we need testing mode from a layman point of view .Drivers are used to connect your devices to your computer and in case the drivers are not installed try enabling the mode .It will be useful when you install certain drives for android devices .

As I am a developer and I used it to install ABD driver on my Micromax FunBook Android tablet.

Hope you enjoyed Reading .