Android Layout Designing

This Post shows a design idea for designing layouts for Android using Android Studio .

This is a problem most of you may face while designing is when changing from landscape to portrait mode and vv

Here is one Example which was designed in relative layout and when the mode is changed the controls overlap and distorts the UI and when used in a smaller res device no component would show up.



1)Use table layouts to design the same .

-Table Layout

     – Table row

           -component (Button)


2)use Plain Text instead of Large text or small text components .

3)Use the weight,gravity to arrange the components in the in the table row.

This below given layout is a possible solution to the above said problem . As shown below the layout works well from a 10 inch device to 2.7 inch device and both orientations.

 andr layout 1

and lay 2

This is the used structure for the above shown design.

and lay3

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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