Finding SMTP Server

I wanted to setup an account in my Gmail and I was not sure what my SMTP server on was so How to find it out .

Step 1 : Setup the Telnet Client

To do that go to control panel click on programs and then click on add or remove windows features

Make sure the Telnet client is checked 


Now Open command prompt and type “ nslookup

Press Enter

Type in the following

set type=mx

which specifies mail server

set timeout=20

Then type in the server you want to ping here i use “”  .Use a “.” at the end.



Here it goes the mail Exchange servers Installed at

You can see a value called preference which specifies which server is favourable. Lower the value more favourable it is .

I can use the port 25 and TLS settings on my Gmail to setup a secure Network .

Hope You enjoyed Reading.

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