Perceptual Computing a.k.a NUIs : My Love ;)

I Love Working on Natural user Interfaces .My love towards this area started when I was awarded a Microsoft Kinect  for being one amoung the top performers in the Microsoft’s Program MSP .


And before that I created my first application with the touchless SDK from CODEPLEX . I got lots and lots of positive reviews and I started sharing my Experiences on the same with my classmates , facebook friends and a few members of a developer commmunity.

You can view a video of my first applcation in the following Link : and the working in

Then I came across the Intel perceptual SDK which was fascinating . I took my first step . I thought of participating in the Intel Perceptual computing Challenge . And proposed an idea to convert the same Idea into something that can be used in a real world scenario like an Industry . After a few shots of scotch and my friends Android in hand I got an idea to provide authentication based on gestures.


And Here It is an  .

An Idea put into reality nothing can make anyone more happy.

Just Love what you do . And Do what you love .

Many asked me on how to create these systems . I will blog on how to create a basic application Soon .Stay Tuned .

Hope You enjoyed Reading. 🙂


Literal And Label Control

Difference Between Literal and Label in ASP

The mail difference is the way how the tags are rendered

<asp:Label….Text=”Hello World” ..> ==> <span >Hello World</span>

<asp:Literal…Text=”Hello World” ..> ==> Hello World

The next difference is that the labels can be associated for a certain control in the web forms.
On the other hand literals can be used to add plain English text or Html to the Document.

Hope you got the difference 🙂


Asp BeginRequest Event

Use of BeginRequest Event in Asp.Net

It is fired on every Request to the Application .

The order of Execution is as follows

The application events are raised in the following order:
The event handler is executed.

This post Explains on how BeginReest can be used .
A page may be restricted based on some condition as folows.
To do this Implement a class that Inherits the IHttpModule and Implement the Init() and Dispose().
Handle the event BeginRequest As Folows

// In the Init()
context.BeginRequest += new EventHandler(context_BeginRequest);

void context_BeginRequest(object sender, EventArgs e)
// Called For every Request to the server
HttpRequest request = ((HttpApplication) sender).Request;
HttpContext context = ((HttpApplication)sender).Context;
string applicationPath = request.Path;

if(applicationPath == “/”)
applicationPath = “/Index.aspx”;
Debug.WriteLine(“Begin Requst Fired”);


Here Whenever “/” is the requests path , the responce is redirected to the “/Index.aspx”.
It can be used for other such scenarios.

Hope It helped you 🙂 .

C# Email Validation

The System.Net.Mail Had the mail address class which can be used to validate Email Ids

public static bool IsValidEmail(string emailaddress)
MailAddress m = new MailAddress(emailaddress);
return true;
catch (FormatException)
return false;

The code above can be used to validate Email Ids . If the Email Id is in the wrong format , It throws the Format Exception which in turn can be used as an approach to handle the invalid Email Ids . However The use of regular Expressions is the best approach as It is highly Flexible.

Hope You Liked Reading .Happy Coding 🙂 .