Extension Methods in C#

Extension Methods

There are some function that can be done on a string like String.Split(‘ ‘) ;

To add a new method like that we can go for using a Extension method.

In the following example I have added a new function test.getLength_Ext() to a string.

To do it

1) Create an accessible class with an accessible method

2) Both must be static If not it does not make any difference from creating a class.

3) The parameter(first) must be this followed by the type it must extend. In this case it Extends a string so I use test.getLength_Ext(this String)

public static class a

public static int getLength_Ext(this string str)
return str.Length;
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
string test = “ABCDE”;

Hope you Understood . 🙂


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