Download Speeds in Microsoft Azure Servers

I created a VM through the Azure Account .

Then Created a Windows server 2012 Datacenter Virtual Machine .

Connected to the Server Via the Remote Desktop ( RDP file ) which can be downloaded by clicking on the connect icon which is in the bottom of the page in the azure management portal



RDP file will be downloaded open it appropriately.


Login using the credentials that you gave while creating the VM.


The server Responds with the certificate and stuff . Just click Yes .


There it goes windows server 2012 Data center Up and Running .

Install the needed softwares to download files. I installed the Chrome Browser as internet Explorer had all the security measures like downloads off , trusted sites policy on Etc i was lazy to change them

And these are the speeds I got while i downloaded some files azure1


Hope you enjoyed Reading .


Naming App Groups in Windows 8


As you can see I have named various groups like Navi , Apps , Dev , Desktop and so on so how did I do it ??

Step 1: click windows key to bring up the app screen

Step 2: press ctrl and mouse wheel down or ctrl + shift + – key on key board .

          This is actually called semantic zoom where you can see a complete view of what you have .now rght click to bring up a bar from the bottom click on name group to name the group .

Not its simple as that and done .

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Searching In Windows 8

Suppose I have an application or app installed say paint many may feel like in windows 7 I type the search keyword “paint” in the start menu and in windows 8 I have to search the application. Here is a thing not many know.

Click on the Windows button and you get a screen as follows

windows 8

searching in windows 8

Then Start typing the app name “paint” on the keyboard without  doing anything after . yes you can type the name of the app in the keyboard after you press the start menu and Windows 8 starts searching for u .

searching in windows 8

searching in windows 8


Hope you enjoyed Reading .