Creating a complete Windows Phone 8 APP online !! Really ?? – windows phone app studio

So you have a youtube channel or a blog reach more customers by making your presence in the store .

I started to explorer this as I got introduced to this through the DVLUP program by Nokia . If you are not in the program Explore by creating an account here .

The place to go is ( aka windows phone app studio) . It is a cool online tool that will help you to create a complete app from A-Z .

What you need are

1) A computer 😛

2) Dev center account if you are a students visit your dreamspark  or bing for dev center (

3) A good browser 😉

4) A online photo Editing tool or photoshop if you have one. ( I would go with‎) which is my fav online photoshop tool.This is to create logos and other images when you need them.

So when you have everthing lets get started.

We will see how to create a App for a youtube channel .

Step 1: Register with


Step 2:

Give the name for your app and other details as in the image


Step 3:

Adding pages and content

Step 4:

Editing Content

Customize Content


Add a media content from youtube . A media channel or search result of a query .


Adding a Video Source

Step 5:

The next step id using your creativity use it well to change your back ground colour and stuff .

Step 6:

Hit the next steps once completed and once the app is generated , you can do the following

1) download the package to upload to the store .

2) or get the source to modify .

I did it the easy way downloaded the package .xap and uploaded it to the store .

Hope you enjoyed creating the app.




Searching In Windows 8

Suppose I have an application or app installed say paint many may feel like in windows 7 I type the search keyword “paint” in the start menu and in windows 8 I have to search the application. Here is a thing not many know.

Click on the Windows button and you get a screen as follows

windows 8

searching in windows 8

Then Start typing the app name “paint” on the keyboard without  doing anything after . yes you can type the name of the app in the keyboard after you press the start menu and Windows 8 starts searching for u .

searching in windows 8

searching in windows 8


Hope you enjoyed Reading .